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Outdoor HOMESAFE Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor

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The HA-MOTION-OD is the perfect outdoor form of home security. This wireless motion sensor can detect movement up to 10 meters away and has an adjustable 150 degree motion detection angle. It has a strong wireless radio frequency range of 300 feet, allowing it to connect with the EWD-1 system for added security. When triggered, the RF signal activates the alarm to alert you of movement near your windows and doors. Installation is simple; all you need is 3 AA batteries (not included) and a wall mount bracket to set it up in just minutes. With this convenient detector, you’ll enjoy utmost peace of mind regarding any intrusion attempts around your home.

Product Features:

– Wireless, Outdoor Motion Sensor – Detect movement up to 10 meters away with a 150° motion detection angle.

– Strong Radio Frequency Range – Up to 300 feet in RF range ensures reliable connection with EWD-1 system for extra security protection.

– Easy Installation – Simply requires 3 AA Batteries and Wall Mount Brackets (not included).

– Alarm Trigger – Immediately gets activated when sensing motion as far as 10 meters away.

– Wide Compatibility – Can be used with various other compatible HomeSafe systems for added convenience and security.

Weight 0.75 lbs


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