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Protection for Joggers

Jogging is a sport when I was in my 20s-30s was my passion and I did it a lot.  While doing so one of the things I would do is get lost in the moment and my mind would run wild with wonderful thought and the world to me was very peaceful without any fear of something happening to me while on my run.  These days are totally different because now we have people with nothing else to do but harm other for no reason other that getting their names in the news with a need to be know for doing something bad to other people.  Here it is on September 20, 2018 time 04:30 in the morning what do I hear when just turning on the TV and an anchor reporting that a young lady was stabbed and died from her injuries and was caught on a surveillance camera where the stabbing took place.  The rest I did not want to hear because I was outrage of this happening again and the victim losing her life if for the moment she had something to fight back with knowing that she was startle and afraid what was happening to her without warming still could have in my opinion prevented by doing the same to her attacker by having this little device slider 10 million volts stun gun black and the color does not matter in this case for her to fend out the intruder and possible saving her life.  You may say how would this have saved her life and I am just using my thought process of the event as if it was happening to me and I do carry a stun gun for any unexpected event that my occur without my knowledge that it is going to happen and at the same time I am prepared for anything out of the norm.  If you stabbed me once and I need my life was in endangered, then you would be in a fight for your life because for me nature instant of survival would automatically kick in and with 22 years of training and being in the military I will be ready at all time to be ready to kick some butt in the event of anything going down that is or trying to hurt me.  For this young lady that was not the case and for all reader of this blog please arm yourself with any type of protection whether it maybe a stun gun, pepper spray, or mace and whatever it takes to stay alive.  For me and my advice always be aware of your surrounding and you will be amaze how you will be able to take care of yourself in any event.

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