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Do you think there is a need to have hidden cameras throughout the house and your workplace?  For me the answer is yes, for the simple reason our friend daughter was supposed to be taking care of our home while we were on our vacation and she was taking care of herself by stealing my wife’s valuable and we really do not know what else was being taking.  This a child we loved and depended on and at the same time she was stealing us for all she could get. If in the event we would have had cameras watching the house while watching what she was doing them she would have been locked away sooner not later and who know who else she was doing the same to other members of her family.  that is why one of the most conceal item to have at you watch while you are away from your home our while having people to work inside of your home taking care of maintenance issue this is a handle device to have in your rooms. It is the black finish mirror hidden 1080p HD camera that will expose whether they are honest or dishonest by capturing their every move while doing the work or stealing from you.  For me it is something about having a mirror in recording the individual activities because who wouldn’t want to look at themselves to make sure they are stealing from you the right way feeling proud about themselves.  Catch them in the act where they will not longer be able to do it to anyone else.  Yes, you need them at your place of work because things come up missing and you do not know why, and you have a feeling that you know who had been at your desk just by the way they are looking at you while they know you know they did something that they should not have done to you and they are feeling great that they got away with it.  By having this little device at you side filming the whole event like this hidden camera the alarm clock hidden 1080 HD Camera they would never be the wiser that they are being recorded and you can confront them of what they have done without exposing what device you use to capture them on tape.  When exposing them you have convince them never to do it to anyone else in fear that they will be caught the same way you caught them.  less end crime before it gets out of hand and could lead to bigger things.






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