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I look at the situation where people leave their homes and never return to their homes alive.  When leaving did they ever think something would happen to them on that date?  I almost guarantee you the answer to the question is no. being that is said here are a few safety tips and advice from me you should think about before leaving your home whatever time that maybe is to never leave home without these devices.  Your cell phone, pepper spray, and a taser or stun gun.  It may seem like you are leaving home and going to war and at the same in many ways you are going to war with someone you do not even know, and they are looking to make a name for themselves or clueless why they do what they do and do it anyway at the cost of your life.  Arming yourself with a cell phone to film or capture information about the individual who are trying to harm you and call for immediate help by dialing 911 on speed dial and this little device called the runt 20,000,000-volt pink stun gun with a flashlight and wrist strap disable pin for quick release and access to put them down immediate giving you the time to get away from them as soon as possible while getting to a safe area and calling for help.  This are just a few simple things that you can use to free yourself of harmful situations and that you should be aware of and use to your disposal.  Be safe and always aware of your situation giving you time to reaction to an uncomfortable situation as they may occur.




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