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Yesterday was a trying time for me being that my wife and I was attending a football game 30 minutes from our home at Air Force Academy football game and leaving our pets along to fend for themselves and they managed well by doing so.  Being animal lovers as well as having kids at home and not know what is going on while you are a way is nerve wrecking for most.  I thought about leaving our pets and especially for my American Bull Dog who both of love each other to no end and with me being away I did not know how he would act to me be gone and to include my wife.  For me to enjoy the game the way I wanted to I took the fear out of leaving them along and got this security camera that will monitor their every move and allowing us to see what they were up to and knowing that if there would be a situation that needed our attention we would be able to handle it and get home within 30 minutes or less to care for them.  what I am saying is arm your home with protection not only for break ins and just for your peace of mind while you are away from home leaving worry behind just as we did for our household.  Visit my site at and see just how we will be able to assist you in removing fear out of your life while enjoying the thing you enjoy most out of live and still be able to keep you eyes on you pets and love ones.

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