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Electronic Dog Repeller

I am in the selling business and what more important I am in the business of making life safe for human and other living life form especially pets because I am an owner of two dogs and love them dearly and like to keep them safe.  That is my main objective is to keep them safe while walking them around my neighborhood and parks or where ever we may go on our walks.  I am very concern when doing so because of other people not thinking the way I think when it comes to walking their pets or the lack of and letting them run free without the respect of others walking their pets.  This year for some reason after all the years of walking my pets around the neighborhood I and my dog has been approached by stray animal roaming the streets unattended and attacking my dog and it is disturbing to me how other owners allow this to happen with the understanding some of them do not know about it and some really do not care.  Well, I care and when I am walking my dogs I do not want to be approached by another dog off the leach attacking my dogs.  At the same time, it is not the dog’s fault and that of the owner who think they are in control of the situation when they are not.  For me I am looking out for the safety of my dogs first they the other owners last.  If for any reason you dog, or dogs comes at mines and tries to attack them whatever action I need to take I will enforce at that time and feel sorry for my action later.  I personally do not want to hurt another animal because of the owner neglect and now have found a way to prevent me from hurting their pets by arming myself with this little device that does not harm the dog in the short or long run and at the same time will warn the dog away from me and my pets by this electronic dog repeller of a sound that dogs do not like to hear and steer them away from us which is a win-win situation for me and the other owner of his or her dog or dogs.  If you are like me then please feel free to get this device and walk your dogs without fear of some else dogs approaching you without any of the dogs getting hurt.  I am personally purchasing two of the devices one for my wife and myself because no dogs should be hurt because one owner is not doing their part in making walks with your pets enjoyable and that is what I love doing is caring for all animals and not seeking to harm anyone of them if necessary.

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