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Take Down OC Relief Decontamination Spray know as Mace

For all that may get to read this article please do not get the wrong impression that we need to walk this earth these days in total fear and that is not what this is all about.  Do not take it as trying to make a dollar and that is not what this is all about.  What this article is all about is for you to be aware of your surrounding and paying attention of your environment and the group of people you are surrounding yourself with.  These are very uncertain times when you do not know what events you will be faced with at any given moment because we have some that just do not care about anyone but themselves and will take another person life at the drop of a pin.  Most of our victims are not the ones that are strong and can take care of themselves, it is the one that are weak that are prayed upon just like the wild in the jungle of the weak being prayed upon and use for the other animal’s food for survival.  In humans’ lives are being destroyed not for food are survival and with different means.  For our protection to be able to defend ourselves against attackers unexpectedly would it be wise to arm yourself with protection that one day could possible mean saving your life?  For those who think that is will never happen to them or the one it happens to and they are totally caught off guard because of it.  That is why I am in the business of selling products that are less expensive and affordable where you will be able to have the best products that you will be able to protect yourself in those unexpected events and being able to walk away unharmed.  That is something that makes me proud to be able to do and at the same time being able to bring this information to you.  For me carrying protection came about because I am a walker and I love walking with my pets and I carry a stun gun and pepper spray not to harm other people pets and at the same time being able to break fights that may leave my pets injured or possible killed because of owner neglect of controlling their pets and when a fight break out they freeze not knowing what to do.  I know what to do and have the tools to do it will in an instant diffusing the situation.  I have this little device that you can carry with you for you very own protection against the ones that may try to hurt or harm you and it is the Take Down OC Relief Decontamination Spray.  A lot of people as well as myself use to think for this spray to be useful that you must spray it directly in the attacker eyes. Wrong, if the spray meets the person face, then your job is done and the spray contacting the face will do the rest disabling the attacker and that person will do the job that you were attempting to do of getting it in the person eyes and it will restrict their airway from getting the flow of air they need and distract them from doing any harm to you because they are trying to get their balance and you are the last thing on their mind they want to be dealing with at that moment giving you the time to move to an area of safety and to report the incident to authorities.  My words of caution are to you do not wait till something to alter your life and be prepared for the worst before it happens to you.  It is not if, it is a matter of when.









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