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Bear Country


For me this is a serious problem with people going camping in areas that are known for having bears roaming around in their nature habitat. The livelihood of you being confronted with a bear or other wildlife in those areas are highly likely you will see are be approached by them and if you are still brave enough to do so why not go in with having some type protection like this simple protection of bear spray.  Here are two types that sprays that will repel of all types and they are Guard Alaska bear spray and the Mace bear spray which is very effective for bears that maybe in the areas trying to hurt or bring harm to you.  Especially this time of the year where there are bears getting ready for hibernate for the winter.  I do have to admit that I am not in area where bears are known to be and at the same time I make sure I am protected from the unknown.  I do live in the great state of Colorado and we do have bears mostly in the higher elevation and they do sometime show up in areas that you would not normally see them and being prepared can and will protect you, family, and pets in the event of that ever happen to you and for the sake of writing this article I pray that it will never happen to you or anyone else and at the same time be mindful of your environment.

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