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Safety for All

I write a lot about my pets and now let share this information about the rest of the animal nation of caring.  We are the human who have common sense and make mostly as we think right decision most of the time and at the same time so of us do not think about the feeling of our pets and that shows how we care for them.  Mines on the other hand are thought about more with how I will be able to protect them while on walks not matter where we maybe going for our walks.  At the same time while on my walks I am not just thinking about the safety of my pets, I am also thinking about the safety of stray animals running the streets unattended.  Where is the owner I would always ask myself and what action will I take if that animal approaches me and my pets and the question would always leave me thinking, I will do whatever it takes to keep my dogs safe and knock the stray down out or kill him or her if needed.  WRONG!!  It is not their fault they are roaming the street unprotected and the fault of the owner.  I know many do not look after their pets the way my wife and I do of making sure they are always close by to us whether the doors are securely locked or unlock and they in our home is always lock.  If one of them is out of our sight, we get up and look to see where they are in that just in case moment that they may have found away out of the house without us knowing it and just to check in on them to make sure they are alive.  So, for me now when seeing an animal i.e. dogs running the street unattended too I find ways of making sure they do not come close to our dogs and we make sure our dogs will not attack them for no reason other than them running loose.  How do we do it by keeping all of them safe?  With this little device know as the electronic dog repeller that send out a sound dog do not like to hear.  What about my pets being affected by the sound.  Peace of mind and what they experience in the short run compare to them being attacked and possible hurt or killed is priceless because then we can get them back home safely without being approached by the stray animals.  This for us is a win-win situation because none of them will get hurt and all is taken care of with peace of mind on your part.  We as humans must be aware of that dogs will be dogs and do what God intended for them to do and that is to be protective of us and fight when there is a time for them to do so.  We are the ones that suppose to have common sense, so we should act like it and be kind to all living things.

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