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I have experienced this myself when driving at dust and you still have people getting their evening workouts in.  they are not wearing the vest that is lighted and their clothing are dark colored and is not visible to be on the streets at night whether you are running on the side walks or not.  It is still very dangerous for motorist in knowing that you are out on you runs.  While getting your workouts on at night make sure you are visible by wearing light clothing and or reflect night vests where motorist will be able to see you.  Another great little tool that you can use to make yourself more visible at dust is by wearing Safe Steps LED Clip on Shoe Lights for Runners that comes in variety of colors.  I know for myself when seeing anything reflective at night while traveling at the normal speed I will slow down to making sure I do not harm or hurt anyone that is getting their workout on at night and I know for myself l love to walk at night and doing limited period of the day out with a walk with my dog and hopes people while coming home or going to work will be able to see me while doing so and this little lights on your shoes will allow motorist to see you and be more cautious while driving.  This is a busy time for everyone so make sure you are doing your part to stay safe.


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