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Super Door Stop Alarm

I really love this little device that you place under your door at night alarm system with the control buttons being on the inside of door for you to set it keeping others from entering your room when you do not want to be disturb and while sleeping. It is called the super door stop alarm that allow you protection at night in your dorm room for other student or intruders trying to get in your room. I seen this device being demonstrated on Good Morning American being tested by a student and it really works and if in the event someone is trying to break in your room while you are resting or asleep the when the alarm system is set in motion a very loud blast sound will be set off alarming you and the rest of the students residing in the area getting you the help that you will need. This is a very great system and I highly recommend it to student who are living on college campus, hotels, motels, are any other places that more than one person is living in the building for your protection. If anyone is trying to break in, they at the sound of the alarm will vacate the area instantly without delay. Get it now and be safe and at the same time it is very affordable for you to own even if you are picking pennies off the street to purchase it.

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